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We Build You A Slingshot Bot That Creates Healthy Passive Cashflow Without Active Trading…

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See Our Member’s Living A Bot Trading Lifestyle

Steve Larson

Dennis Church

Jeff Former

“My bot made us $250 while we were at a wedding!”

- Nick

“This is really cool. I’m making $50-$70 per day on a small account, and I’m understanding how it’s working now. I’m ready to put in a bunch more money

- Rick Bjornson

Capitalize on the exploding crypto market without guesswork.

  • No guessing what coins are going to take off, and which are going to die.
  • No guessing which way the market is going to move.
  • No staring at charts all day trying to learn to trade.
  • ​No losing money testing different signals, providers, software services, or trying to program your own.
Just get proven results, solid signals, and ongoing help and coaching.

Proven Signals

Ongoing Support

Automated trading platform executes trades automatically.

Monthly coaching; Meet with the team multiple times per week.
Together we’ll create a passive income to accomplish your goals:
  • Do you want or need more income from your savings so you can retire on time?
  • Are you trying to get a better return on your money to outpace inflation?
  • Want to generate enough income to quit your job?
  • ​Tired of risking your money in the stock market for lousy returns?
We’ll launch your slingshot bot in as little as 2 days!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this too good to be true?
The crypto market moves sideways over 80% of the time, Slingshot bots use the sideways up and down movement to buy and sell coins all day long, with a 1-3% take profit. These little moves create opportunities for great returns over the months and years.
How do I get started?
Our personal coaching will help you set up every step necessary to set up and turn on your bot so you can be successful.
What exchanges do you use?
We can use any of the main exchanges,,, bittrex, coinbase pro, etc.
How much money do I need to get started?
We encourage people to have at least $5,000 USD in order to actually generate income from bot trading.
What happens during the free consultation?
We will show you all the steps in our process, how our trading methodology works and discuss if it’s a good match for your goals.
How long before I start making money?
You will usually see deals close within 2-3 days.
Do you have access to my funds?
We never have access any of our clients funds.
How secure is this process?
Your funds are secured by the exchange you choose to use.

Here’s What To Do Next….

Free Strategy Call: 
Schedule an available time in our calendar and answer your questions.
Strategy Rollout: 
We’ll create a custom trading strategy for your income goals to help you enjoy passive income.
We Set Up Your Bots and Turn Them On: 
If you’re a good fit, we’ll onboard you, create a bot trading income strategy and launch your trading bots within 7 days.
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