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Passive Income Bot Masterclass

Passive Income Bot Masterclass

How to generate passive income every day, month and year using automated trading bots and the SLINGSHOT Method

What is the Slingshot Method? Watch this video to find out.

Brett and Ethan are the creators of the Slingshot Method™ that utilizes their Triple Income Deployment™ and Staggering Take Profits™ to have an edge on the market, using automated bots.
Over the last 3 years they have spent countless hours refining their process and seen some healthy passive returns.
Brett and Ethan are the creators of the slingshot method that uses automated trading bots to generate massive returns from 90% to over 100% per year passively…
This means with a $10,000 investment you could be creating another $10,000 per year passive income. 
Who are Slingshot bots for?
Slingshot bots are for individuals who might want to use a portion of their assets or portfolio to generate potential passive income.
They are for Baby Boomers who might want to allocate a very small portion to their cash flow portfolio

Slingshot bots are also for crypto investors who are ready to start generating potential passive income over a long-term basis.

They are also for frustrated traders who are tired of staring at confusing charts and indicators and would rather like automation to create long-term passive cash flow.

want to generate long-term passive cashflow?
  • Want to use your assets to generate income on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis without active trading?
  • Want to create a potential passive income that could make you decent long-term growth?
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Who are Slingshot bots for?
Watch this podcast to learn more
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